The Self-Care line. Because feeling good
is the definition of beauty.
Slide The Premium Line: For women who know they deserve
to splurge and give their body that
luxurious touch.
Because it is always
time to take care
of yourself somewhere
Liposculpture cream with
our 100% vegan brush Spazzola.
Slide Take care of
yourself from
the inside out.
Slide Be yourself. Take care of yourself.
Embrace who you are.
Love your curves.
Flavia Lanini
Flavia Lanini


Flavia Lanini is originally from Brazil and she’s been living in the United States for over 6 years. She’s the epitome of the American dream, and she’s very proud of it. Even though she keeps in touch with her roots back in Brazil, she now shares the same love to the United States as well.

“You can never lose yourself or forget where you came from.”, she wisely says. As time went by and she got more knowledgeable on the beauty industry, she created her own unique technique called The Massage Effect; which is a massage that can be used for both aesthetic and wellness reasons.




It was after five years of training in lymphatic drainage therapy in Brazil and a total of 13 years of developing my very own technique, that I’ve created my signature therapy, The Massage Effect, which has slimming effects and wellness. But then I’ve come to realize that we needed products to compliment The Massage Effect.

My Premium Line
ELEMENTUM, Ignis, Aqua, Air and Terra

My Premium Line

My Premium Line is for women who know they deserve to splurge and give their body that luxurious touch. This Line is composed of 5 products that were specially designed to make you feel like the Queen you are, while taking care of yourself.

Ignis: A 24K gold-plated spatula uses high frequency vibrations promoting deep exfoliation, cleansing and lifting of the skin.


“100% natural Brazilian”


My Self-Care line takes care of you from the inside out. The combination of acaí and guaraná in our Deblo tea prove just that. Freshly brought from my home country Brazil, all its elements work to cleanse your body.

I first came up with the Deblo tea and LipoThermic tea line after getting asked by my clients throughout the years how they could compliment all the results they were having from The Massage Effect.


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