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TAURINA: Some studies have shown that consuming taurine
supplements can lower blood pressure. Studies with taurine have
shown an improvement in heart contractility in cardiac patients and
can be used as an antioxidant.

CAFFEINE: It has been shown to be efficient for deterging the
appearance of fatigue, thus optimizing physical performance.

BITTER ORANGE: Vitamin C belonging to orange plays essential
activities in human metabolism.

GREEN COFFEE: Green coffee is characterized by being light, having a
green color and a flavor similar to that of the grain. Coffee intake
accelerates glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, thereby
decreasing the risk of type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke,
depression, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases related to the
central nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease.

GREEN TEA: It contains flavonoids, which are are widely recognized
for their antioxidant properties. In general, antioxidant activity is
related to the prevention of various diseases, including
arteriosclerosis, liver diseases, obesity and various types of cancer.

GUARANÁ: It’s valued for its high caffeine content, which can range
from 2.5 and 6%, and also for its stimulator effects when consumed as
a drink.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATO: Currently, this mineral has been used as a
dietary supplement in patients requiring glycemic control. Scientific
evidence indicates that their deficiency in the diet contributes to
glucose intolerance and alterations related to lipid profile. This
explains why the primary function of chromium is to potentiate the
effects of insulin, with improved glucose tolerance and, consequently,
of the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids.


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