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The Light therapy dates back in India over 3,000 years ago. Wellness estabilished & at-home nowdays. MASCARA was perfectly idealized by Flavia Lanini for you that cannot waste time with complex ritual, looking for spa-level treatment at home. No nasolabial folds or crinkle lines. No acne breakouts. Wanna a whitening complexion, MASCARA is needed.

MASCARA was specially designed with 165 LED lights beads and 4 modes VOICE-CONTROLLED color therapy, treating all skin concerns, MASCARA is a really powerful at home light therapy. NO side effects, cover the entire face saying goodbye to acnes, wrinkles, fine lines, hyper pigmentation. A daily treatment.

165 LED lights beads
USB rechargeable
Bulit-in timer
4 working mode (Intelligent timer):
1) Red light, anti-aging (10mins)
2) Blue light, kill bacteria 10mins)
3) Green light, radiant (10mins)
4) Red+Green+Blue light (15mins) > Each light for 5mins
Easy to operate, use VOICE CONTROL.
Design in 1:1 proportion, match the face and wear comfortably
Silicone eye part design, use freely

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