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My Premium Line

My Premium Line is for women who know they deserve to splurge and give their body that luxurious touch. This Line is composed of 5 products that were specially designed to make you feel like the Queen you are, while taking care of yourself.

Ignis: A 24K gold-plated spatula uses high frequency vibrations promoting deep exfoliation, cleansing and lifting of the skin.

Elementum: It is a powerful handheld neck soothing & shaping massager has 8 rolling beads that fit perfectly to the contour of the neck, helping ease strain

and neck pain.

Terra: It’s a 24k gold plated, dual-ended gua sha facial sculptor designed with a scraping technique that improves circulation and skin’s overall appearance and glow.

Aqua: deep facial cleansing silicone brush and heated eye massage deliver a perfect dual function.

Air: is a heated LED Light Therapy Eyes Brightener all-in-one device to fight puffy & fatigued eyes, dark circles and early fine lines.

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